Thank you for your interest in CHC Movers! From the first box packed to the last box opened, we’re here to help. With a team of dedicated moving professionals, we can meet your every moving and storage need. Inevitably, moving from one home to another is stressful, but you can rest easy knowing that CHC Movers will make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Here at CHC Movers, we provide all of the typical moving services that a family or business could need. From the beginning of every customer interaction, we try to exceed expectations! To prepare for the move, we can help you choose the ideal moving and packing supplies to secure your personal belongings during a DIY relocation. If you prefer a hands-off option, our team can securely pack your belongings in sturdy, safe boxes. Our trucks will arrive loaded with any moving accessory you need — from a hand truck/dolly to moving blankets for large furniture. We will have it covered. Need an extra roll of tape? No worries; CHC Movers can provide any moving supplies or accessories that you could need or a smooth move.

Next, you can choose to store your belongings with us for as long or as short as possible. Whether you’re stashing things away for a month, or a year, we can accommodate. Our storage facility features round the clock security through video monitoring, and your belongings will be safe from weather and wear.

When you’re ready to reach your final destination, our team members and trucks are standing by! Licensed, insured, and bonded moving professionals can handle all of the loading and unloading of furniture and boxes so that you can rest easy. Imagine completing your entire move without breaking a sweat. At CHC Movers, we can make that dream come true.

The trained staff at CHC Movers will work with you to ensure a stress-free move. Our team is proud of our reputation as one of the most courteous, trustworthy, and well-qualified local moving companies in Dallas, TX. When you’re trying to choose a moving company, a referral from a previous customer speaks volumes. In that regard, we aim to stand out from the crowd of other moving companies. Time and time again, we follow through with complete customer satisfaction, and our shining reputation shows. We rely on your word of mouth referrals, and we will work hard to earn every accolade and compliment.

With all of that being said, we hope that you will select us as your trusted moving partner. When you choose CHC Movers to assist with your relocation, our professional and talented staff will ensure that your move will be smooth and simple. If you have any questions, give us a call. The friendly moving consultants and customer success teams are available to help!