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Texas has always been known for being an ultra-spacious state. In fact, Texas has a land area of about 261,797 square miles, while the United States has a land area of approximately 3,796,742 square miles. This means Texas makes up about 7 percent of the country. Perhaps you and your family are looking to move to

What to Know About Making a Long Distance Interstate Move

Everyone fears moving houses, but did you know that it can turn from a stressful to a beautiful adventure? The difference between a good interstate moving experience and a stressful one is the steps taken before moving.

When making an interstate haul, you should strive to make a single trip. This means all your planning is to be done with finality, to avoid unnecessary return trips. Having a good plan also saves you time and lowers the possibility of losing items. Below are six tips that will make your move smooth and fun:

1.  Hire the best company

There are so many companies available to help move you and your family, but are they the right people for the task? Due to the complexity of interstate moving, hire a company with a good reputation in similar projects. Always do your homework and research on the comments of their previous clients. Reputable companies will also give you a list of their clientele, whom you can call and ask about their experience. 

2. Have a moving schedule

When moving long distance, you need a well-planned schedule. The easiest way to develop a plan is by writing down all moving-related activities and allocating them a time-frame. Once you complete an activity, cross it out to indicate the onset of the next one. The schedule can be done as early as a week to the travel date. 

3. Get moving insurance

Most moving companies will offer a limited insurance cover, which may not be sufficient if you have valuable assets. You must sit with your moving company and know what they cover and their compensation in the case of damage. If their insurance is not good enough, invest in a more comprehensive insurance cover. 

 4. Make a list of items

You are wrong if you think you know all items in your house! Always put all your items in a list, and note down their packaging description before leaving. This moving list makes unpacking easy, as all items get ticked as they get unloaded so that any missing item is left un-marked. 

An example of a list can be:

  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 2 Coffee tables
  • 1 32″ Television
  • Shoes in a brown box

5. Let the professionals do the packing

Interstate moving can take days to prepare. It’s tiresome and time-consuming, bearing in mind you have other duties to attend to. Packing your items could save you a buck or two, but it can be expensive in the long run if you do the packing wrong. Professionals come in handy when packaging valuable and fragile items. Plus they mess, they pay, a win for you. 

6. Forward your mail

Before moving, take your time to notify the postal service about your address change. It is essential to keep your mail flowing, even after moving neighborhoods, for social and professional correspondence. 

Moving is a costly affair, and saving should be your priority. The easiest way is to have family members and friends to help in the planning and packaging to help reduce the cost. Even children can help pack their toys.

Top Reasons to Move Your Business to Texas

Are you thinking of moving your business to Texas? If so, you’re not the only business owner eyeing the Lone Star State as the perfect place to grow and expand your brand. In a July 2019 finding by the website WalletHub, Texas was ranked the number one best state to start a small business, with the state snagging the top spot in the “Business Environment” category and placing just outside the top ten in “Access to Resources”. Texas is the perfect place to relocate a business of any size from state and local tax benefits to a culture of growth and innovation.

Texas Has Great Tax Benefits

Texas is one of the most business-friendly states for taxes, and business owners will enjoy several benefits and incentives. The double benefit of no corporate or income tax is extremely attractive to entrepreneurs from states that impose both and have additional tax burdens for those who are self-employed. Expanding your business here also has its tax benefits, as Texas does not charge a sales tax on machinery or R&D software and equipment, and gives tax breaks for solar energy devices. The state also encourages business growth through less traditional means, like granting in-state tuition to business owners who plan to relocate but have not yet done so. Be sure to read more about taxes and other pros in this Texas relo guide.


Texas Loves Small Businesses

According to the United States Small Business Sentiment Survey, conducted in 2019, Texas is ranked fourth in the nation regarding how positively small businesses in the state feel overall. More than 45% of Texas businesses with employees had hired within the past three months, and more than 40% planned to increase their employees’ compensation plans within the following three months. Additionally, Texas received an “A” rating on the Small Business Friendliness Survey, with very high scores in the “Employment, Labor & Hiring” and “Licensing” categories.


Texas Is All About Innovation

While Texas may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a hub for innovation and technology, consider this: with nearly 400 airports and a booming, diverse population, Texas is continuously growing and becoming home to new and talented minds. The state is also a leader in the aerospace and defense industries and biotechnology, and oil. The state also encourages continued business innovation through its Texas Enterprise Fund and the Product Development and Small Business Incubator Fund. The former aids businesses create jobs and compete directly with out-of-state companies, while the latter funds the development and creation of new products and technology.



Among the many benefits of daily life and education in the Lone Star State, the appeal of the state’s tax breaks, many benefits, and business aids, and the overall appreciation and support for local businesses that Texans have made the state an excellent choice for anyone looking to relocate their business in today’s economy of growth and innovation.

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You have finally decided that you want to make the big move. You have made up your mind to move and settle in Dallas, Texas. Well, congratulation, and welcome to the big D. Dallas is a fantastic city with tons of fun activities and beautiful people. But before you move, there are a few things